SysSync – Remote update library

Making remote updates (OTA) – step by step

In this tutorial we will learn how to include the SysSync library into an application and to do a remote update using the SysSync server. We will create two applications (AppA/AppB) that include the SysSync library, create an user account on the cloud server, register our device and create an update job that remotely updates from application A to the application B.

1 – What do we need for this tutorial

2 – Create and flash a basic application

3 – Include the SysSync library in your application

4 – Export the application binary

5 – Create another version of your application

6 – Create an user account on the SysSync server

7 – Register the device at the server

8 – SysSync Cloud overview

9 – Create an update job

10 – Execute and monitor the update process


End of this tutorial