u32_get_app_version() returns the version number of the currently running application. Further details about the concept of (automatic) versioning can be found in the users manual.

This value is read only.






uint32_t – the version of the current application.

Example Code

This example shows how to read the ‘application version number’ value of the bootloader settings.

void setup()
  while (!Serial) 
    yield(); // wait for PC CAN2SER-monitor to open 
  Serial.println("appl. version: V"+ String(BOOTLOADER_SETTING.u32_get_app_version()));

void loop () 

Notes and Warnings

This method returns the RAM copy value of the bootloader settings which are copied into the BOOTLOADER_SETTING object during its instantiation at system start (variant.cpp).

The application version can be any number (uint32-range) give by the developer. It will be taken from the .hex/.bin file name. The tool chain automatically creates a version number each time the sketch is compiled and uploaded to the target.

Find further details about application versioning concept in the users manual.

See also

users manual – Application name, version and target