What we do

We design and manufacturer connectivity devices for mobile machines and off high-way vehicles. With our ability to innovate quickly, decades of telematics experience and passion, we partner up with our customers building their outstanding digitalisation applications. This let them go to market faster with the latest connectivity technologies. Located in the South of Germany, Munich area, the DICE GmbH team possess the develops, prototyps, certifices and manufactures

System design & Rapid prototyping
[BILD – Eagle etc.] and [BILD Best├╝ckungsautomaten]

Testing & Manufacturing
[BILD Teststand] [BILD Lager-Packing]

Core Beliefs / Core Values / Vision / Mission

  • Create exciting innovations (Passion)
  • We believe that successful digitization solutions must consist of lean and pinpoint components that inspire makers, visionaries and the industry at the same time. An enthusiastic developer community that contributes to free and open technology trends creates real innovations with added value. (Believe)
  • Simplify digitalisation (Mission)
  • Becoming the reference connectivity hardware supplier for large scale roll-outs and cutting edge developments alike. (Vision)
  • Lean connectivity hardware for CAN bus based machines (Core focus)

Quality / Social and Environmental responsible

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